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Affordable Low cost Homes

Updated: Mar 31, 2019

There is a global issue around housing. Many countries are struggling to keep up with demand. You just have to google “housing crisis” “housing shortage” “more homes needed” and you will find many an article written about the issue. But an even greater issue that is being neglected by both the private sector and the government is that of affordable housing. 

However there are now strong moves to changing this. In New Zealand the government has just committed to building an additional 100,000 homes. NZ only builds 30,000 homes a years currently so this a huge boost to the housing market. And the best part of this is the focus on low cost housing. The government are also making affordable homes easier to obtain with grants and loans made more accessible to help people into their homes sooner. 

However it seems that existing builders and people in this area are continuing along the same pathway as they have always done. It is the current system that has caused a shortage. It is the current system that has pushed prices to unaffordable levels. It is the current system that has led to many people living in sub standard conditions. This just isn’t right and should not be happening in the world today.

At Real Property homes we have seen this and really want to set out to change the way things are done. We don’t want to change the world, at least not yet, we just want to make sure that we can provide affordable homes. This at least allows us to play a part in trying to solve the issue. Many hands at many levels are needed to fix any crisis. 

We have broken down the system and worked out the best way to bring affordable homes to the people and at a price far less than anything else on the market. There are many aspects of a build where money is being wasted. By removing these aspects allows us to bring to you affordable homes at a price far less than anything else in the marketplace.

We are bringing to you these affordable homes in a number of ways. 

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